Alstonia House

A single tall Alstonia tree in the center of a dry and flat arid landscape provided the concept for this tropical house located in the rural area of Humpty Doo. The Alstonia house was designed for a young couple excited to move and experience the joys of living the rural life in the Territory. The house wraps and frames the tree at the entry point, and provides the spatial sequencing in the layout to separate the guest wing and the master bedroom. Careful planning consideration to maximise views to the bush at the rear, whilst minimizing sun exposure on the west was important in the design process. As the sun sets in the west, the large evergreen tree would provide afternoon shade by casting a shadow to the east where the afternoon activities will take place on the deck and grassed area. Tropical Design features include lightweight construction to allow fast cooling at night, ventilated eaves to allow hot air to escape the roof space, a “One Room Deep” Design principle for cross ventilation, and large louver windows to allow natural cooling and breezes.